Sammer's analysis - 10.07.2013

'All credit to Pep, his team and the players'

Matthias Sammer took questions from the media for almost 60 minutes in Riva on Wednesday lunchtime, “and now I've seen off the lot of you," the board director for sport joked. Naturally, was there, and has summarised Sammer's comprehensive analysis. The 45-year-old covered topics ranging from new coach Guardiola’s ideas through to the club’s up-and-coming juniors.

Matthias Sammer on…

…Pep Guardiola and his team’s working methods:
“The tradition of this team and Bayern is now exposed to Pep’s ideas. If we don't embrace that it would be negative. At the moment, he's passing on to the team the way he wants football to be played, full of emotion and with a very clear philosophy. Everyone's getting on with each other very, very well, and there's huge mutual respect, which is praiseworthy. All credit to Pep and his coaching staff, but also to the players, who appear hungry and insatiable despite all our success."

…possible changes to Bayern's tactics:
“I'm seeing nothing more than adjustments to the detail. Our players have so much quality and versatility. We shouldn't read too much into it, and we should keep our feet on the ground. Pep has his own identity. He's meticulous in explaining his ideas. I appreciate that and I regard it as positive."

…his personal relationship with Guardiola:
“We have a wonderful interpersonal relationship. It's early days of course, but that's already something! I'm there to give him advice, each and every day. But he takes all decisions regarding the players."

…targets for the season:
“It's not the right time to be worried about that. It's a time of getting to know each other, working together and acclimatising to each other. We can turn to the details later. The season's still a long way away, but there are lots of things to win."

…assistant coach Hermann Gerland:
“Words can't express the players’ relationship with him. He sits with the players on the bus - just imagine that if you will. Hermann Gerland does an outstanding job. He's one of the best in the world in managing the transition from the youths to the seniors."

…Pep's right-hand man Manel Estiarte:
“Manel does a lot of the organisational work for Pep, so he can do what he loves, immersing himself in the football. Manel is Pep's confidant. But he's always sensitive to the situation, and his activities don’t encroach on my area of responsibility at all."

…the junior players at the training camp:
“You notice that we have very, very interesting and highly talented players. All the players who were and are here will remain in focus. They all have the quality, but they need a little dash of cheekiness, inventiveness and passion. The door to the next level is open to all of them. They just have to go through it. Pep and [FC Bayern II coach] Erik ten Hag are aiming to hold training sessions at roughly the same time and make the connection even closer. We want to take the next step in this area."