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Reaction to Bayern v Arsenal - 14.03.2013

Heynckes: We lacked our normal composure

Bayern are through to the Champions League quarter-finals at Arsenal’s expense, but it was a close run thing, as the 3-1 victory in London three weeks ago proved just enough to compensate for a 2-0 home defeat on Wednesday. “Overall, we'll be very critical when we analyse the match,” fumed boss Jupp Heynckes after watching his side lose for the first time in 2013, “we've had a scare but we got away with it.”

Reaction to Bayern v Arsenal:

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: “It was a tough match today, and we can count ourselves fortunate we scored enough goals in London. That's a warning shot across the bows for the Champions League.”

Jupp Heynckes: “Overall, we'll be very critical when we analyse the match. We hadn't planned on falling behind after three minutes. It played straight into our opponents’ hands. We improved after half-time and had better chances than Arsenal, but we didn't control the match and we weren't as composed as normal. We've had a scare but we got away with it. We've won nothing yet. As we've seen today, the Champions League is totally different. It's given all of us something to think about. You can take nothing for granted.”

Philipp Lahm: “As we all saw, Arsenal are a good football team, and on top of that we conceded the early goal. The game meandered on its way after that. Ultimately, we didn't put away our chances, and it was tense at the end. We have to be 100 percent focused at all times. If we're not, it'll be tight. We have to improve. We know we have to work hard to win. We've done that up to now, but not today.”

Arjen Robben: “It shouldn't be happening, but it happens. We spoke about it in the dressing room and we were forewarned. They had nothing to lose and gave everything. We weren't aggressive enough, especially in the first half. But at the end of the day, maybe there's a positive aspect, a wake-up call of sorts. We've been praised from all sides, but look what can happen. We have to maintain our concentration, because it was a close run thing at the end. Overall, Arsenal deserved the win.”

Arsène Wenger (Arsenal coach): “I'm proud of my team's display, but very disappointed at the same time. After watching today's game, we have to criticise ourselves for the first leg. We could have knocked Bayern out of the competition today. We failed to create more chances in the first half. It was a little better in the second half when we had more space. The second goal came too late, but we'd already had a handful of good scoring chances.”

Per Mertesacker (Arsenal): “We provided an answer after three minutes, which made us come alive. We weren't as good in the second half. Bayern tried to apply pressure, but we allowed them very little. They ended up shooting from distance. I'd have like to see a little more eagerness to get forward. We were close to knocking Bayern out, and that's remarkable. It'll give us a lot of encouragement for the rest of the season.”